White Paper Get XCET

Token Structure and Economics

C ESTATES will issue its own utility token called XCET, which is an ERC-20 token, and a separate real estate-backed token called Digital Property Assets (DPA) which is an ERC-721 token. These will be used to transact exclusively within the C Estates platform.

Digital Property Assets (DPA) and XCET

The DPA are the asset-backed digital representation of physical properties within the C Estates platform. The DPA doesn’t represent physical ownership of the physical asset but rather the rights to earn future revenue from the property.

XCET is the native utility token that will be used for any transactions within the C Estates platform. There will only be 8,999,999,999 XCET to be created, never to be increased.

Token Allocation

Public Sale, 50%



Development, 20%



Team, 17%



Private Sale, 10%



Marketing, 3%



Token Value, Use Cases and Burning of Supply

The XCET may only be used exclusively within the C Estates platform to purchase DPA and other use cases:

Transaction Fee C ESTATES will initially charge 1.5% fee per transaction. Other variations will be subsequently introduced including portfolio management, volume based tiering and zero-fee promotions.
Withdrawal Fee C ESTATES may charge a fee for withdrawal.
Tokenization Fee C ESTATES will be conducting due diligence for properties before they get listed into the platform. There may be fees associated with those listings.
Escrow fee C ESTATES will be charging an escrow fee for the properties that gets tokenized for security purposes: .25% of the selling price or $1,999US, whichever is higher.
Other Fees There may be other fees the platform may collect for facilitating various services such as ads placement, rentals or property management, etc.

Burning of XCET Supply

XCET is a native utility and is bound to be consumed. Every quarter, we will burn XCET based on the transaction volume in our platform until we completely destroy 50% of the total supply. We will have all these transactions verifiable on the blockchain, and will eventually leave 4,499,999,999.5 XCET as the final total supply.

XCET Internal Team Vesting Period

To show the commitment and confidence of the team for the C ESTATES project, the release of XCET for the internal team will be completely done after the initial vesting period after 2 years from the initial distribution of XCET.

Funds Usage and Allocation

Funds raised through the public sale of XCET (50% of total token supply)
will be used to bring C ESTATES to greater heights.

Product Development 40%

Marketing & Operations 25%

Corporate Affairs 25%

Contingency 10%

Product Development

40% of funds will be used for tech infrastructure building and perform upgrade to the system, which will include adding to and training the talent pool, and the development budget.

Operations and Marketing

25% of funds will be used for operations and marketing which will includetargeted campaigns for both customer acquisition for C ESTATES, and greaterawareness for smart property investments and tokenization. We will use bothon the ground and targeted digital marketing efforts, including nativeadvertising, to become more popular among investors and to be able attract more active users to the platform.

Corporate Affairs

25% of funds will be dedicated to acquiring necessary licenses, dedicatingeffort to corporate affairs and lobbying facilitated by our legal department to ensure proper.

Contingency Fund

10% of funds will be kept as a contingency fund to cope with any emergency or unexpected situations that may arise.


Phase 1
  • On-Board properties under CCTs (available for foreign inverstors).
  • Partnership with key players in the Philippine Real Estates Industry.
  • Beta Product Launch for Property Tokenization, Listing and Trading (Virtual & Live).
  • Establish C ESTATES Escrow and Private Registry.
  • Acquire license to be the first digital Asset Exchange in the Philippines.
Phase 2
  • Launch Property Management Platform.
  • Rollout Property rental services.
  • On-Board properties under TCTs (available for local only).
  • Launch Acquire-Renovate-Sell model under brokerage company.
  • Rollout additional features and services such as crowdfunding timesharing and landbanking.
  • More B2B partnership.
Phase 3
  • Provide Home loan and mortage financing services.
  • Initial expansion to neighboring Southeast Asian countries.
  • Expansion to Middle East, Europe and North America.
  • More B2B partnerships internationally.